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Instagram is continually updating, and this means we must always be alert to adapt our strategies on the platform.

Today, we won’t discuss hashtags and the best times to post. That’s old news. Of course, it still has relevance, but let’s delve deeper. Firstly, your content should be of high quality. It sounds obvious, but it’s deeper than it seems. Currently, Instagram’s algorithm, like almost all social platforms, focuses on user interaction with content.

This means, the more someone likes, comments, shares, saves, etc., on a particular theme, the more content of that same subject will be shown to that user. So, the first tip: your content must be consistent. Posting randomly will mean not every post interests your followers, reducing engagement. Additionally, if you’re all over the place, Instagram won’t clearly understand the primary theme of your account, which hampers its algorithm from distributing your content correctly.

Popular Trends

It may seem trivial, but the reach and engagement of trending topics are enormous. A key strategy to grow and retain your audience is to humanize your brand. Engaging with what’s trending can be hugely beneficial. But, it’s crucial to ensure the trend’s content is appropriate and not potentially offensive. Another tip is to act quickly, creating your version while it’s still topical on Instagram.


Reels remain a potent tool to boost your reach and engagement. And no, reels aren’t just about dancing. You can showcase behind-the-scenes clips, before-and-after shots, production processes, tips, answer follower queries (collected through stories), and much more! You don’t even need to appear in them.

If you’re uncertain about creating videos, here’s a million-dollar tip: use the CapCut smartphone app. It offers a variety of text, image, and video effects. It has filters, background removers, cutting tools, captions, and everything else to make a professional reel. Another bonus tip: in the “How to Be a Social Media Pro” course, you’ll find multiple tools like this and learn how to utilize them.


With Stories, you can create polls and question boxes, which enhance your relationship with followers and provide insights for new content. You can also post brief day-in-the-life videos, and even personal snippets like gym sessions or reading a book. Animated stickers, countdowns to product launches (creating urgency), and so much more are also available. With its vast format variety, if used correctly, it offers the highest engagement potential.

Call to Action (CTA)

You’ve undoubtedly heard of CTAs, where you prompt users to take a specific action. It’s a strategy that should be consistently utilized in your posts, reels, stories, and even in your bio.

It’s vital not to bombard followers with every CTA in the book. For instance, ending a post with “like, comment, save, and share” might be overwhelming. Ideally, prompt the user for a single action related to your post. For a carousel post with high-value content, you could ask users to save it for later or share it with someone who’d benefit.


Lastly, maintain what I term as internal and external relationships. Internal relationships involve interacting with your current followers. Liking and responding to comments, answering DMs, viewing their stories, or liking some of their posts can encourage your followers to engage with you more and solidify their loyalty.

External relationships involve interacting with potential followers. Many get this wrong, but let’s approach it smartly. First, visit profiles of leading professionals in your niche. Comment (meaningfully) on their most engaging recent posts and on new posts henceforth. Wait for some likes on your comments, then DM these individuals.

Start the conversation by mentioning they liked your comment and delve into the post’s topic or your niche. Never attempt a direct sale or pitch your product. Just display your expertise and express genuine interest in their thoughts and queries regarding topics you cover. This approach will gain you new followers genuinely interested in your offerings, increasing your engagement, all while fostering loyalty through the direct and gentle interaction you initiated via DM.

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