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What’s the significance of Social Media for a brand?

In today’s age, it’s undeniable that we live in a globalized and increasingly digital world. The digital presence has grown even further with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the movement and gathering restrictions imposed in various countries. Today, almost 5 billion people worldwide regularly use social media. In Brazil, over 70% of the population is active on social networks. Consequently, companies need to have a presence and position themselves effectively in these digital mediums. It’s in this setting that the Social Media professional emerges.

What does a Social Media professional do?

Also referred to as a Social Networks Manager or Analyst, a Social Media professional is in charge of planning, creating, and posting content, as well as managing social networks for brands or personalities.

In some companies, content is crafted by Designers or other specialized professionals, while paid ads are the purview of Traffic Managers, leaving the Social Media specialist to oversee and manage posts on social networks.

The professional may also be responsible for communication and customer relations through social media.

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What skills are required?

The profession is not yet legally regulated, which often means the professional handles multiple roles. Thus, it’s essential to master various skills, such as:

– Social networks management: Know and master the professional features of different existing social networks, mainly focusing on Facebook and Instagram.

– Content planning: Strategize content to be developed and posted according to a routine set with the employer (daily, weekly, etc.).

– Content creation: Be adept at creating various content types, like images, videos, texts, gifs, etc., for different publication formats such as feeds, stories, reels, and blogs.

– Digital Marketing strategies: It’s crucial to know various digital marketing strategies within social networks, like using hashtags, location tags, polls and questions for stories, promotions, brand collaborations, and more.

Can I be a Social Media professional working from home?

Absolutely! One of the profession’s most appealing aspects is the ability to work from home or anywhere you are, serving one or multiple clients.

This is possible because professionals can remotely meet with their employers and coworkers, produce diverse content, and schedule their posts without necessarily being online at the time of publication.

How is this feasible? There are platforms designed to assist Social Media professionals. Facebook itself offers this feature through the Meta Business Suite Planner tool.

Moreover, home-based Social Media professionals can set their schedules, as long as they consistently meet their deadlines, as agreed with the employer.

In this mode, it’s vital for the professional to maintain a routine and adhere to it diligently. Otherwise, it’s easy to get sidetracked, delay work, and end up in a tight spot.

How do I become a Social Media professional?

Some college degrees can pave the way for those seeking a career in this field, such as Marketing, Advertising, and Social Communication.

The most straightforward, quick, affordable, and efficient route is taking specific courses on the topic and practicing extensively.

We, at LS Digital Marketing, recommend the course titled “How to Be a Social Media Pro.” Here, you’ll learn from scratch how to produce content with Canva, manage social networks, define a Persona, understand the importance of Typography and Color Psychology in Design, boost posts, and much more!

In this course, you’ll gain access to various helpful tools to streamline your work. Furthermore, downloadable resources, like contract templates, scheduling spreadsheets, briefing templates, reports, and more, are made available!

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